Mission Statement

Promote Connection and Community through Creativity

Connectivity: During covid-19, we realized that there was a sense of connection lost in our city and our society. Everyone was quarantined and spending too much time on our devices. Arguments started to heat up on different media platforms. We believe that there is more good than in this world. Nomadic Voices want to be the platform to showcase our talents, our stories, and our lives.

Community: Nomadic Voices host open mic nights in different parks every week to create a unique sense of involvement in our communities. We provide a platform to everyone and anyone and make them feel welcome and safe to be themselves, and express themselves, and listen to the stories of others.

Creativity: Nomadic Voices hosts various various of different events to let creatives showcase their work: all kinds of artists and all kinds of art. From poetry nights, to dance battles, and to painting parties. We believe we have something for everyone.

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